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Review of Star Wars the High Republic: Into the Dark

I received a free review copy of this book from NetGalley.

Into the Dark is one of several books and media tie-ins being released as part of Star Wars: The High Republic Era. Set 200 years before The Phantom Menace it is a “Golden Age” of the Republic and of the Jedi Order. But it is not without conflicts. The Republic we know from the main Star Wars movies and TV shows is a bit smaller. Many of the outer worlds haven’t been explored yet or are unknown to those of the so-called “Core worlds,” namely Coruscant.

In this book, by veteran Star Wars author Claudia Gray, a young Padawan named Reath Silas, along with three other Jedi Knights, have been sent to explore a planet that is just beginning to explore relations with the Republic. A strange tragedy causes hyperspace to become impassable and the ship they are traveling on is marooned on a mysterious space station that seems to have a connection with the Dark Side of the Force. Reath, the Jedi, and the crew of the Vessel, just band together to discover the source of this power and discover a new threat to the galaxy.

Several new concepts are introduced in this novel, for one, Reath several times mentions his is lesser powered than other Jedi. He’s also more academically minded. There’s always been a bit of a question about if there were different levels of power to Jedi and other Force-sensitives. Obviously, they couldn’t all become knights like Obi-wan and Qui-gon, so what happens to them? We got a small glimpse in Rogue One of a low powered Force-sensitive with Chirrut Îmwe, with Reath, Gray takes us a step farther into what other careers and abilities the Jedi might have.

We also learn a bit about Wayseeker Jedi. One character, Orla, is seeking to become a Wayseeker. A Jedi who does not live within the bounds of the Order and pursues other interests. It will be very interesting to see where the series goes with this kind of character.

A lot of new enemies and exciting action drive this book. It’s super-fast pace and the story is phenomenal. The High Republic Era is only beginning. Many other books and comics are being released over the coming weeks. I have a full list on my Bookshop here. Remember, I receive a small commission for any books purchased through links on this page.

Thank you and keep reading!

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