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  • Diana Morgan

The Mandalorian: The Tragedy

I've watched it twice and I'm still reeling from this week's episode.

This whole season has been nothing but stellar performance and fan service to the max. After last week's big reveals I had a few ideas about how things would play out. I had a feeling Din and Baby Yoda, now known as Grogu, would make it to Tython and likely be confronted by Gideon. I knew Boba Fett would show up at some point in the final episodes, and I knew Gideon would ultimately capture Grogu leaving Din to gather his allies for an all out war against the Dark Troopers.

I did NOT expect to lose the Razor Crest. The iconic ship that was only Din's livelihood, but also his HOME!

So, a few of my favorite moments: the cockpit scene.

Seriously. This show has so much heart and it's anything reveals the father/son connection between Grogu and Din it was that scene. The fact that he was reveling in his name alone, and then playing with him. And that speech about him needing to go with the Jedi? Yeah, Din wasn't trying to convince Grogu.

This is also part of the reason Ahsoka refused to train him and I have a feeling it will play out even more in the next two episodes.

Which leads to the next moment: Grogu play with the dark side.

The final scene bodes badly for Grogu’s future. As much as I wanted to cheer him on for kicking stormtroopers ass, we all know where anger leads. He's scared and pissed without his daddy and Gideon is not going to hesitate to exploit that.

Moment three: the return of Boba Fett.

We've all been waiting for it. He's deserved it for 30 years. Even if he wasn't your favorite character, there was no way you didn't feel triumphant when Teumera Morrison landed in that suit and showed off all it's tricked out glory. (Seriously, that suit was insanely overpowered) And he's along for the ride at least until the end of the season, so we will get even more of his awesome tricks in action.

That's my favorites. Obviously there are more moments that were noteworthy. What were your favorites?

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